Painting Progress

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  I have added more detail and color to the rocks, sand and foliage.  The blue of the ocean brings out the colors of the rocks – giving it a glow from the sunset.  The reflection in the water flowing onto the sand gives the painting some added interest.  Some detail is being added to […]

Painting Progress

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  Now that the basic pallet for the painting is laid out, I am beginning to build on it by adding the distant shoreline with the buildings and trees.  The foreground is getting greater detail along with some of the shadowing on the rocks and the sand below.  The ocean has a little more detail […]

painting in progress

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I am working on a new painting for Art a Fair.  I have always liked this vista looking at the colorful rocky shoreline and letting my eye follow the beach off into the distance.  The first step is completing a basic drawing for the piece.  At this point, I will make any changes before starting […]

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