New Paintings at Art A Fair

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A new painting of a North Laguna beach at High Tide.  I was inspired during a walk around Laguna Beach.  The waves are coming in right up on the beach areas.  You can see the stairs in the background where you can walk down to the beach areas.

Laguna Art-A-Fair

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Laguna Art-A-Fair is in it’s last 3 weeks.  AAF is really great this summer. Don’t miss being there to see my booth and all the other great artists! Our last day is September 3rd – You still have time to visit me.  

New Friend at AAF

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  Here is a new painting titled “New Friends”.  The little kitten is exploring his world and finds a butterfly on a flower.  They are checking one another out; trying to discover what the other one is.  You can see the original in my booth; there are also Giclee prints available in 8×10 or 11×14. […]

AAF Opening

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  Preview Night at Laguna Art-A-Fair!  My booth A17 is ready for the guests to come in.  There were so many people coming through.  I sold an original painting and several other items.  What a great start to the season!!

Art-A-Fair Opens

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Tonight is Art-A-Fair’s Preview Night.  If you have an invitation, please come.  The artists had a private dinner last night to see AAF all set up and ready to go.  The show is BEAUTIFUL!!  It was our chance to see all the booths set up and all the wonderful art.  There are several new artists […]

Painting Progress

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  Now that the basic pallet for the painting is laid out, I am beginning to build on it by adding the distant shoreline with the buildings and trees.  The foreground is getting greater detail along with some of the shadowing on the rocks and the sand below.  The ocean has a little more detail […]

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